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For those who need a bit
  • 2 Design Projects monthly
  • 1 Web Design/Web Maintenance project monthly
  • 1-week turnaround on all projects
  • Access to project management dashboard
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App Design

For those who need apps + websites
  • Front end web design
  • Back end web design [Client management systems, inventory systems, etc]
  • iOS + Android + OSX + Windows app design [specify which you will need]
  • Downpayment available
  • All features – push notifications, member signup, website sync, etc
  • Completely custom design, tailored to your needs
  • Asset/graphics creation and management
  • This project can include games and business apps

Olivia’s Update March 3rd 2017

Hey everyone, this is Olivia from Avenir Design! This week was fruitful! We are continuing to grow our portfolio! This week we added  several new projects! We created a logo for a dating website Datenigerians.com, and a logo for  Black Talent Television (an...
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PREVIEW: Female Game Character for Unreal Engine 4 in Blender

Hey guys! Dave here! Just wanted to give you all some updates. I haven't posted much outside of the Laura Leclerc comic in the last 2 weeks as I have been working on a model for the now free Unreal 4 game engine. After the last model that didn't do too well, I decided...
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Avenir Design Status Update Feb 21, 2017

Hello again! Sorry for the week off, had to take a vacation and recharge my batteries, but we are back! First off, thanks to all the readers of the first few Laura Leclerc comics! We've already had 1000 pageviews, and nearly 600 unique readers! In new news, we are now...
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Olivia’s Update Feb 15th

Hey everyone, this is Olivia from Avenir Design!  I'm thankful for the great feedback my last post has received. This week has gone by pretty fast! It was very fruitful to say the least.  This week, I focused on expanding the network further. I  able to connect with...
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Avenir Design Status Update Feb 8th 2017

Hey guys! Here's to another great week at AD! Next, I'd like to talk about the sketches. I'm only about 2 weeks and 15 sketches into this, but I have already seen huge improvements to my sketching style - especially when doing the Laura Leclerc webcomic roughs - and...
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Olivia’s Update – Feb 8th 2017

Hey, everyone, this is Olivia from Avenir Design!  This is my first blog update since we launched this new business venture! Since launching Avenir Design late November, we kept really busy! We launched the company's website and to introduce the services and...
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Avenir Design Status Update Feb 2nd 2017

Hey guys! Another busy week we have had! Not only did we get 10 new projects, I've had to do some CSS/HTML5 coding for a new project AD is launching, but more on that later. First, I'd like to say, thank the heavens for Toulouse, France! It's pretty much already...
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Avenir Design Status Update Jan 24th 2017

Hey guys! Time for another status update! This has been a very busy week for AD. We had many new projects, making album covers for rappers and web banners for brands and small businesses. I have decided to take up a daily sketch routine, practicing face shapes,...
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Avenir Design Status Update Jan 17th 2017

Hey, guys! Head Designer David here! Wanted to give you a few status updates as to what we're up too here at AD.   Firstly, I took a few coding courses this week via Codecademy. I learned Python and brushed up on my HTML5 and CSS3. Python sure did give me a few...
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AD Art: Attack On Titan Cosplay Fanart by Avenir Designs

This took me around 8 hours to complete this weekend. I'm really proud of this because it's the first time I was able to paint something like this since getting my UGEE tablet. I used a cosplayer as a reference for this, it was a female cosplaying as Eren. I kinda...
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